The signal

My mind is running errands. He is at the hospital right now. Where exactly? In the Emergency Unit? In an OR? Inside a CT scan machine? Laying down while nurses take blood samples from him? Is he unconscious? Is he calling anyone?


The signal is low and blurry . Damn signal!

I should have called him last night. I should actually call him more often. Texts and written conversations are not enough. The voice is reassuring. I need his voice right now… I promise I will call you twice a day, to wish you good morning and to lull you to sleep. Just get well, please…


The signal is weak and distant. Damn signal!

Maybe there is no network coverage inside the hospital. My head is going wild. What if he has been suffering all this time, and he said nothing so that he would not worry me? Well, I am worried now. Maybe I should run to the airport and buy the first ticket to go home. It will probably take about six hours to get there… Maybe he does not have that much time… Oh God, no! How will I live without him? I am not that strong… Without him, I am a fragile child…

Come on, get it together! He will be fine!


The signal is short and squeaky. Damn signal!


‘’Hello, Miss. He warned us you would call. Your father is fine, Miss. Just some minor stress problems…’’

I cannot hear anymore. I cannot speak a word. My mind went in coma. I am suddenly the eye of the storm. He is well… Just some minor stress problems… He has time, plenty more time…

‘’I am afraid I have to leave you, Miss. Goodbye.‘’


The signal is strong and firm. Bless you, signal.